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Intussusception - what is it?

Little Orla was in a quite spot of bother back in February. At just 3 months old, she was off her food and a bit down in the dumps. Her lovely owners knew that she wasn't right and brought her to see us.

Orla stayed in overnight on a drip and various medications. As time passed there were no signs of improvement and concern was growing for this little lady.


Further investigations took place, and an ultrasound scan confirmed a serious condition called an intussusception, where a part of the intestine folds into itself, creating a blockage. Aside from the blockage itself being a high risk problem, the fold restricts the blood supply to the affected intestine, causing it to begin dying away. This was most certainly an emergency situation and surgery was the only option to save her.

Orla was taken into theatre in the safe hands of vet Candela, with Charlotte and Mel to assist. An amazing 20 centimetre section of intestine was removed, leaving only healthy tissue behind, and beginning Orla on the road to recovery.


Over the coming days Orla was given a wide range of medications and post operative support. Her appetite began to pick up and she ate a special liquid diet that would provide excellent nutrition whilst her intestine healed.

It was such a happy occasion that she was soon well enough to go home, where her care would be taken on by her loving owners, who were only too keen to help her get back on to her paws.

Orla was doing remarkably well, and went on to become stronger by the day. Within a week of her operation, this little fighter was eating and drinking normally, going to the toilet as you'd expect and it was pretty much puppy business as usual! The best outcome any of us could have wished for.

So well done to Orla's owners for spotting her signs early on, and for taking such excellent care of her. Well done to the Rae Bean team too!

We do love a happy ending.