At Rae, Bean and Partners, we offer a wide range of services to cater for all types of horses, ponies and donkeys. We are proud to provide our own out of hours service by our own vets at no extra charge to registered clients.

We offer the following services:

  • Pre-purchase examinations (two or five stage).

  • Passport applications.

  • Microchipping.

  • Vaccinations (with free-of-charge reminders)

  • Pre-stud infectious disease testing.

  • Pregnancy diagnosis.

  • Diagnostic imaging: computerised radiography and ultrasound.

  • Lameness examination (including nerve blocks).

  • Castration.

  • Dentistry.

  • Worming (our own, in-house faecal egg testing and tailored worming protocols).

  • In-house laboratory (equine profiles and parasitology).

Please make sure that your horse's vaccinations are kept up to date. We send out regular booster reminders but unfortunately cannot guarantee their safe arrival to your door.

Rae, Bean & Partners

8, New Row, Boroughbridge

York, YO51 9AX